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We welcome volunteers with an interest in tropical agriculture, natural building and permaculture or Thai culture. We are learning to live an uncomplicated and mindful life in harmony with nature, stepping as lightly as we can.

We offer a rare opportunity to combine a hands-on but relaxed experience of tropical agriculture, developed along natural farming principles, with full immersion in a small farming community, in a very scenic setting with forests and waterfalls on the doorstep.

Working together with us, volunteers get repeated hands-on experience of many of the basic aspects of natural farming and self reliance, including composting, planting, pruning, seed saving, nursery management, animal care, basic hand tool skills, water management, garden design, food preservation etc.  Every week we take a day off together to explore the local area, go for a swim, a walk in the forest etc.

We don’t feature on volunteering or work exchange internet platforms, this allows us to connect especially with people with a genuine interest in this type of activities. Due to the small number of volunteers at the farm, this is more like a family home stay and a genuine interest in food growing and sustainable living is helpful to make the most of the time here. We give priority to stays of four weeks or more, we ask for a contribution of 1500B per week.

We offer comfortable accommodation in a large Thai style house, three vegetarian meals a day with rice, vegetables and fruit coming mainly from the garden, and the opportunity to experience the easy rhythm of Thai rural life and of the surrounding tropical rainforest.

Here is what some of our former volunteers think.

43 thoughts on “VOLUNTEERING

  1. Hello, your farm is beautiful. I will be in Chiang Mai this june for about 3 to 4 months. I would love to help out at your farm. I have experience. I volunteered at 3 different farms in Hawaii and helped out in Puerto Rico as well. Are there any openings for July?

  2. Hello!
    I am in Chiang Mai now and really would like to get closer to nature! I am into sustainable living and would love to learn more about growing your own food! I see you are growing fruit too, which is great because I am mostly frutarian. Would it be suitible for me to come join you?
    Sincerely, Gabriel

  3. Hello! I am a female college student in Shanghai,China and I am a WWOOFer. I want to do farm work voluntarily on Meamutgarden this August for about 3 weeks to experience a real lifestyle in Thailand and broaden my insight. I am hardworking and outgoing. I have done some farm work before in my hometown and I learn new things very fast. And I can speak both Chinese and English fluently. I also know a little about French.
    I wonder is it available for you? And could you tell me more details? Thank you very much!

    • Hi there, thank you for your interest. You can write to me at with any questions you have and we can continue the conversation by email. August should be OK, we only take a small number of volunteers at any one time, so it would be good to fix the dates as soon as your plans are finalised.

  4. Hello! I am an American teaching English in Seoul, South Korea. I saw your post on the Thailand WWOOF Host list and I was drawn to your farm initially because I studied Italian in University and I also spent a semester in a home-stay in Siena, Italy. I am very interested in volunteering with your project because I am seeking a genuine immersion in Thai culture and in learning as much as possible about how I can help make a positive impact. I will be traveling to Thailand in mid-September and I am wondering if there is still availability around the end of September until the end of October. My experience with organic farming is limited, but I am flexible, patient, and ready to work hard and learn about Thai culture and sustainable living.
    Thank you!

  5. Hi Marco, my girlfriend and I are very interested in volunteering for a few months next year, after April. Is there some information on openings or booking the time with you?

  6. Hi Marco,
    We are most interested in coming to Thailand soon, hopefully next year for an extended stay, and would love to come and visit your farm to work and learn. We are a family of 5 (Elliot 3, Isla 7 and Esme 11) and live down the south coast of nsw, in australia, near to John Champagne. Im hoping to go on a pdc with john in the near future. We stayed at panya and pun pun a few years ago and enjoyed it immensely. I studied Thai at university in London and lived near Kasetwesai and Ko Chang for about a year. Although Im a little rusty now am keen to immerse myself back into Thai culture and improve my language. I’ll be in touch once its clearer when we could come to Thailand. Would you be interested in having us? Mary

  7. Hey Marco,

    My partner Beth and I (Jake) are looking for a place to come help out and learn the practical aspects of permaculture and self-sufficient living. Your farm was suggested to us by another host who we were planning to live with. The plans fell through with them, so they pointed us to you guys.

    We’ll be arriving in thailand on october 20th. We want to explore bangkok for a few days, then we’re hoping to head to a farm! We’re looking for a longterm stay, hopefully a few months at the least. We don’t have alot of money, so we want to go somewhere we can help out. work, and really get used to life, thai-style.

    If you think you’d have room for us, let’s talk further!

    Looking very forward to hearing from you!

    Jake and Beth.

  8. Hello Marco!

    My name is Ty and I am very interested in tropical agriculture, Thai culture and permaculture. I came across your farm this past winter and felt a connection to it right away. It seems like the perfect match and a great opportunity! I am a college student studying ecological and sustainable horticultural production. I have read through your website and love what you do, so I am interested in the possibility of WWOOFing on your farm next summer if possible. Could you please give me a little more information about what you do in the summer months? Also, any other information that you can share would be great!

    Thanks for your time!
    Ty Seely

  9. Hi, your farm looks awesome! I am in Chiang Mai now looking for some kind of volunteer work. Is there any openings at your place right away? Thanks! Lisa

  10. Hello, I’m from the Philippines. I’ve come across your website by chance and I am extremely interested in volunteering for 6 weeks, or longer. I have undergone a natural farming course as well as an Earthbag building course. I would like to put to put into application all I’ve learned but it’s not as easy living in the city, although I have had experience volunteering in an organic farm for 5 weeks and enjoyed it thoroughly & should like to continue doing it. Do you have any space for me in February? Thanks heaps! Luz

  11. Hello Marco,

    I would like to volunteer at your farm for a week weeks. It would be great if you could let me know if you still have space in the weeks to come.



    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for visiting our blog, unfortunately we are full until January now, we can only take few volunteers at a time and tend to get booked up very early. Marco

  12. Hi again Marco,

    My wife has met your wife on the facebook. Sorry, I don’t use social networks. She asked my wife to send you another comment with my full name (first name I guess), so here it is. I have been reading your blog with interest. It seems to me we share a similar way of thinking. I read your Debord post as well. Must read book, /Society of the Spectacle/, particularly in our time. I hope to meet you sometime in 2015.

    In bocca al lupo!

  13. Hi there! My Thai friend and I would like to volunteer. I have exp. working on a market garden and have taken a PDC. My friend is a cook and has exp. farming. We would like to come around Dec 14 and stay for 2-3 weeks.

    Thank you!

  14. Hi Nok and Marco,

    Wonderful what you have done!

    I would like to volunteer 2 months or longer if it is possible. I have taken a PDF in France and would like to deepen my basic knowledge in the field. As well I am very interesting in adobe building and of course in Thai culture
    I am currently volunteering in Sangkhlaburi, helping disabled children with yoga therapy. I will be near Chiang Mai at the end of March. Please let me know if there is any avaibility around this date.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Best wishes

  15. Hello there!

    My name is Natasha and I’m very impressed with your farm and would love to come help out if you have any availability. I’m taking a PDC near Chiang Mai at the end of January through early February and will then be WWOOFing and traveling around Thailand for the following few months. I am a professional gardener with experience in farming, WWOOFing, construction, and sculpture and I am really looking forward to learning more about Thai culture and sustainable ways of living. Please let me know if you need work in February or April, I would love to come to share and learn with you!



  16. Hi! I am interested in volunteering with my wife and our 2 year old son. Please send me an email 🙂

  17. Hi Marco
    I’d love to email you directly do discuss a volunteering opportunity! Could you please send me an email so we can discuss further!


  18. Hi everybody, we are a family of five that we would like to volunteer in your farm for weeks. We have got knowledge of permaculture and natural building, mainly semi-arid clime and cob. We will arrive in Chiang Mai in September. Do you think it’s possible? One family spoke very, very well about you. Best regards,

  19. Hello Marco,
    Pauline and I will be in Thailand from 4th February till 4th April. We would love to come and spend time at MaeMut with you from 17th February till 17th March. I am a retired English Teacher and Beekeeper. I was born on a dairy farm and have also been involved since retirement in building houses in Australia, and Vietnam.
    I saw where you are interested in learning about fermentation. I have had a little experience in that. When I was a child my grand mother taught me how to make sauerkraut. When I was beekeeping I made mead and actually won a prize at Apimondia 1977 (Beekeepers Congress in Adelaide). I have also made beer. I haven’t done any of that for a while but would love to do it all again with you and your crew. Looking forward to catching up.

  20. Hello Marco,

    We’re Vietnamese husband and wife whom have just recently quit our jobs and move to Phu Quoc Island to pursue the Permaculture Principles. We believe that if we try hard enough, we could make a difference. We’re novices in Permaculture and agriculture in general but we are trying our best to self-study from youtube, permaculture books and nature around us. We’re lucky enough to have a small land in Phu Quoc Island to use as trials and hands-on practice but at the same time we’re afraid that we only do damages to land due to our limited knowledge. We are graving for more knowledge and practical experiences which we believe we could learn from veterans, like you. We have been searching for an educational center in Thailand and we found your place. We’re very interested in your point of view via your site’s introduction and blog post. Therefore, we’d like to ask for an opportunity to volunteer at Maemut Garden, about end of April 2016.

    We look forward to your reply and further conversation.

    Lua & Bao

  21. Hi Nok and Marco! My name is Agnes and I’m a twenty year old girl from Sweden. One of my main passions in life is traveling and that’s also what I’ve been doing for the past six months. I started in Australia, then New Zealand and now here, before I go home to Sweden for the summer. In both Australia and New Zealand I stayed at several farms helping out and working with different things. Among them a passionfruit farm, sheep farms and a kettle station. I decided to do wwoofing because I think it is a great way to engage in another culture and experience a country for real, not only from a tourists point of view. I would love to if it would be possible for me to come and wwoof at your farm! I’m currently in Chaing Mai and would like to come as soon as possible!

    • Hi Agnes, Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we are away at the moment and are not able to host you, there are many other similar places around CM where you will be able to apply. Best of luck. Marco

  22. Hello! My partner and I heard about your farm through Abram Bixsler from Echo and would love to volunteer and take the natural building course! How should we best get in contact with you about volunteering? Thanks for your time!

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