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Following good feedback from the participants of last year’s internships, we have decided to repeat the course again this year, we will be building a new two room structure somewhat similar in size to the one we built last year and which is now almost completed. Some photos below.


We will run three 5 day courses (in Thai and English) on these dates:

July 28- Aug 1,  Aug 11-15,  Aug 25-29

The program is as follows:

Day 1    pm        

introductions & course schedule

garden tour

getting to know the materials

soil mixing knowledge

Day 2 am

soil mixing

brick making

Day 2 pm

basics of construction, different styles and techniques

basics of management, site preparation

brick laying (straight walls)

Day 3 am

brick laying techniques for arches and corners

Day 3 pm

first coat plaster practice

preparation of various plastering materials

Day 4 am

electrical first fix

setting windows and doors

Day 4 pm

plastering basics

final coat plaster practice

using lime and colours

waterproofing for bathrooms

Day 5 am

final coat plaster practice



Cost for the course is 2500B including all meals and shared accommodation. For those who would prefer more private accommodation we can assist in booking rooms in a local guest-house. Each course is for a maximum of six people.



We also welcome longer stays of at least two weeks, to help with all aspects of the project. For further info check last year’s post here, the internships will run from August until job completion, which is expected to be some time in November.

For further information call Marco on 093 1848650 or email