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Interested in a rare opportunity to really learn about adobe building? You can participate in the construction of a new adobe cottage at Mae Mut Garden, starting in July 2015, this is a good chance to see a job through almost from start to finish and to learn and practice all aspects of adobe construction and also get some experience of freeform bamboo roofing.

We won’t be spending weeks mindlessly making adobe bricks (impossible during the rainy season anyway), all the materials are already prepared, the building work will offer the chance to learn and repeatedly practice:

  • how to find the right mortar mix
  • build a straight wall
  • set doors and windows
  • prepare for electrical installation
  • learn about waterproofing and plumbing (for bathrooms)
  • build arches and round corners
  • use various decorative techniques combining straw, wood, glass and mud
  • prepare and use various plasters and natural colour mixes and finishes
  • treat and use split bamboo as a roofing material.

At the end of the internship you will have had enough practice to be confident about starting your own job and achieving a high standard of construction and detail. During the project you will have a chance to develop your own creative ideas and implement them.

During the first week in August we will plant our rice fields, using the SRI system, this year we will be joined by the team at ECHO Asia, who are planning to use Mae Mut Garden as one of their demonstration sites for rice growing. So this is a chance to meet some expert rice growers at work and participate.

The work will start on July 1 and people are welcome to join anytime provided space is available, this is a real construction job and not a for profit natural building course. We will accept a maximum of five interns at any one time. Interested people are welcome to join for a minimum of one week, but we recommend a minimum of one month for the chance to explore all aspects of the technique in more depth.The cost of the internship is 10000 THB per month, or 3000B per week, including accommodation and all meals. We will work six days a week for around five/six hours a day.

The project schedule is designed in such a way as to give everyone a chance to work on all aspects of the building work, regardless of when they join the construction, so it is not necessary to start at the beginning of the work.  It is expected the internship will be open until the end of October. We work in an organised but relaxed way, as well as having the time to explore the local area, which is quite scenic, with waterfalls, rivers and forest treks on the doorstep.

We are connected also with a local social enterprise, the Chai Lai Orchid, where we plan to manage the planting of an edible garden during this rainy season, and interns have a chance to participate in this project, should they wish to do so.


2 thoughts on “NATURAL BUILDING SUMMER 2015

  1. Hi Marco & Nok,

    Are you still looking for volunteers? Would love to be part of the project. I have some experience in adobe/cob/earthbag from sites in Thailand. Now I want to see a project like this through from beginning to end :). Look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hi Jules,
      Thank you for your message and your interest. You are welcome to come and join us, we will start some time in June, let me know when you have decided on your dates.

      I am not sure how many people we will have at any one time, but if we get a lot of genuine interest we will be able to reduce the price per person, still would like to keep it to an absolute maximum of eight people.

      My email is for any questions you might have.


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