A new guest cottage at Mae Mut Garden


Those who have visited our place in the last couple of years know that this project has been on for some time, and was almost but not quite finished for a while. We pushed on last winter to host a large sleepover organized by Lisa at Thai Freedom House.

After that we completed the last small decorating and plumbing jobs and the cottage is now ready for use, there are two large bedrooms, one bathroom with solar hot water and a large verandah on two sides with an outdoor living room space. The cottage is set in the garden’s orchard/food forest, surrounded by mango and lychee trees, coffee, limes and bamboo.

We are thinking about a medium/long term rent option, we love to host people here who can join with any of our activities if they want, but also just hang out or work on their own stuff, while being close to nature, breathing clean air and eating healthy food.

We prefer to connect with people by word of mouth and don’t advertise of Facebook sites or other similar platforms, so if you know of someone who is looking for this type of situation, please share this with them.

Author: marco

growing food and making do with less

3 thoughts on “A new guest cottage at Mae Mut Garden

  1. Belllooooo , Ma esattamente cosa potrei fare io li ?


  2. Looks like you guys have done a great job. I love North Thailand and was sorry I had to leave to stay alive. The pollution was too much for me in the end and my health is more important than the scenery. Now I can breathe again on an island down South I feel alive. keep well and good luck with your lovely project.

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