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An update on the real state of the global economy.


Everyone has recently been exposed in their own environments to a number of unusual circumstances. Here, for example, since beginning our project and getting involved with the local economy, we have witnessed a 50% rise in the price of cement, a 30% drop in the price of petrol and in the local economy a steep 70%+ crash in the price of rubber latex over the last couple of years as well as a less dramatic, but equally damaging drop in the price of corn.

This post from The Automatic Earth on Aug 3 is the most coherent and comprehensive explanation of what is happening I have come across in some time. While many of the issues dealt with in it have been reported in the mainstream media at various degrees of depth, here they are brought together in a comprehensive analysis of the current circumstances. It’s a bit long, but I urge all that come across this post to at least skim through it, I am personally convinced that what will unfold in the medium term future is going to be a once in a lifetime event, with the power to reshape vast areas of our lives from an economic as well as social and environmental perspective.

The views expressed are those of Raul Meijer and Nicole Foss at the Automatic Earth, but are widely shared, most notably by David Holmgren, so they deserve at least to be considered seriously even if one does not come to agree with them.


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2 thoughts on “An update on the real state of the global economy.

  1. That article has gone viral and is also on Zerohedge. Seems to be well researched and well written. Seems like we are on track and already in deflation. I live in Panama and we are also seeing huge Price increases in things like concrete and all building supplies. We are paying over 10 bucks per sack. Food has been rising in Price regularly at least 10 percent each year for the last 5 years. But, we can see that commodity’s are dropping in Price and the Chinese stock market crash is probably not over with. It appears that we are in for hard times in the future at this point. Pretty scary. Now is not the time to take on new debt. Or, to be in debt at all frankly. I did not live thru the Great Depression but it is easy to see how a deflationary depression could be miserable times for everyone. Pretty scary signs for the future. And, I believe its started.

  2. I think it’s just a matter of when this very painful event happens…

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