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Ready to start. Natural Building Internship update

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Everything is on site, we are ready to go.

The final result will be a two bedroom house with bathroom and outside kitchen, approximately 80sqm including the bamboo framed verandah.

We have decided to construct the main roof first on concrete columns and steel, this is not necessary as the roof frame could also be connected directly to the walls if desired, but having a roof makes everything easier and the extra cost is minimal.

For a start there are no deadlines, or unfinished jobs left at the mercy of the elements, and not having a weather related deadline means that we can spend time on decorative details that we normally rush through. Secondly we are completely independent of the weather, we are protected equally from sun and rain, meaning the job does not become too hard if the afternoon sun is shining or if the monsoon rains are pouring down.

This time we have prepared much better than during past projects, we have all materials near by, there is a good space to work and very easy car access, for extra sand, soil etc. which will save much time and energy. We will be working mainly with the interns, alongside one or two experienced builders, as well as the occasional visit from our trusted village carpenter to work on the verandah roof and to help setting doors and windows.

See here for more details.


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