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Minimum weeding peanuts.

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When we travel to Nok’s village we often see beautiful beds of growing peanuts, it’s one of the regular crops up there, the plants look great, the soil completely clear of any weeds, thanks to the regular use of chemical fertilizer and weed killer, it’s easy and gives instant results, but it’s something we don’t do here, so we have to find alternative solutions to reduce the workload without destroying the soil. The photos above detail the system we used this time.

After raking the soil lightly, we broadcast sunn hemp seeds following a heavy down pour. In the hot season the cover crop is ready to be cut down after around thirty days, or whenever the first flowers appear. There are some weeds underneath, but not that many as the sunn hemp has taken most of the sunlight away.

We clear the sunn hemp aside and dig planting holes, apply some cow manure and drop the peanut seeds, three or four in each hole. After filling back the planting holes we rake the cut sunn hemp back as mulch, the soil is still damp from a recent rain shower, so nothing else needs to be done. The whole process takes two people about one hour per bed, each bed is about fifteen metres long, it is good to do it all in one day, so that the mulch is still green when we put it back on.

The peanut seeds take about a week to germinate, after three weeks they are growing well, as you can see from the last photo some weeds are beginning to appear in the beds, the grass in between we will cut with a strimmer.

If we time it right we can weed just once, when the plants have grown a bit more, maybe in about ten days or so, after that the peanut plants themselves will provide enough shade that little further weeding should be necessary.



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One thought on “Minimum weeding peanuts.

  1. Great idea’s on peanut growing. I am experimenting with peanuts here in Panama on a smaller scale. I want to eventually grow more if I can get the right seed and figure out how to grow it well. I just grow them close together in rows and the plants shade out the weeds pretty good but I still have to do some weeding. We have some White fly issues also and I haven’t figured out the best way to control them. My best luck is growing sweet potato’s and okra. I use those 2 veggy’s as staples since it is so hot and humid here. Very dependable crops. I will be trialing some African okra or short day okra in a few months. This okra can take the heat and survive in the dry season. We have a 6 months dry season here so I am hoping that this variety, Abelmochus Caillei, will solve some problems. I plan to grow the African okra during the dry season and the normal Clemson style okra during the rainy season. I know, okra gets boring. But, it is extremely nutricious and it is dependable. So, I intend to become an expert at tropical okra production in the back yard. Good luck with the peanuts. I love em.

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