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Blown away by “The art of fermentation” by Sandor Katz

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art of ferm

This book really caught my attention! I have been aware of some of the various possibilities of fermentation, we already make sourdough bread, yoghurt, the odd bit of cheese, kombucha and various fermented products we use in the garden, plus compost of course, but the amount of information contained in this book is truly spectacular.

I am inspired to learn as much as possible about this very fundamental natural process, Sandor Katz taught himself by trial and error and research and while I don’t aspire to get to those heights, there is a lot of really useful and interesting work to do that would fit in very well with what we already do here, especially from the point of view of food preservation. There are also considerable health benefits to a diet that contains more fermented foods and drinks.

LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEER FERMENTERS!!! We will start work on this as soon as the circumstances allow, but the whole thing would have a much greater momentum if we could find someone similarly curious about this who would come and stay here for an extended period and play around with bottles, jars, airlocks etc. to truly learn by trial and error, the more mistakes the better!!! Please share this with anyone you think might be interested, this volunteering position would be totally free of any costs and completely open ended.


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