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Taking orders for guacamole and cappuccino!!!

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We live a relatively uncomplicated life here and this is as exciting as it gets at Maemut Garden. The food forest is exploding into action again and a lot of new trees are flowering this year. Top of my list are avocado and coffee, it’s the first time we see either of them flower and we wait and see how much of it will stick, but this will be a quiet spring for us, with no building work, so plenty of time to give all the green stuff a bit of TLC.

Most of the pineapples that fruited last year also have new fruits appearing, the plants are bigger and stronger and walking around this morning I must have seen at least thirty new fruits at various stages.

Last year we received four precious european lemon grafts from our friends Ganya and Bodge in Chiang Mai, and they have started flowering this month, there are now five different citrus varieties on site and the same or more banana varieties, some of which have started fruiting more productively since we have been taking care of them, the standard thai banana, gluai nam waa, doesn’t need any attention, but other varieties need water and a bit of help to get established.

Lastly, this week we harvested our onion crop, we planted a little more than last year and this time we got probably around 120kg.


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