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Garden update, december 2014

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In September this year we decided to expand the vegetable garden, into some terraces that had been used for rice growing, the tractor cut a path to a central area that will serve as a compost making area and for storage of manure and mulch materials and garden tools, the rest was made into raised beds. The first thing we did on the newly ploughed beds is grow a crop of sunn hemp, which was later chopped and used as mulch, now that we are in the dry season weeds are not an issue and we are slowly planting out as many of the beds as we can get to, mainly with a few bean varieties that we can dry and store for eating throughout the year, a few cucumbers and some tomatoes under the plastic of the new greenhouse structure.

In the part of the garden we have been using since last year we have peanuts and garlic and onion, that will be ready for harvest some time in February, nearest to the house we grow salads, okra and asparagus, that we pick almost daily. The pumpkins were harvested from the food forest, we planted them quite late in between some mango trees and left them alone to see what would happen and were quite surprised by the result.




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