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New bungalow is ready


One year in the making and built entirely of recycled wood, the new bungalow is ready for occupation. And we have a tenant already!  We were very lucky to meet Gaynor through a local guesthouse last summer, she came to stay here for a few weeks then and decided that Mae Mut was the place for her, she plans to stay for a couple of years hopefully. Welcome Gaynor.

The rent helps with the cost of our regular workforce, now with our WWOOFing routine established we manage the garden (and our house, baby etc.) with about 40 days’ paid work a month, in addition to the volunteers. We have started selling some of the produce on a somewhat regular basis and hopefully this winter we should reach break even point.

We plan to build another two (smaller) rooms in a different area of the garden, this time we will do most of the work through privately arranged mud brick construction workshops, we know enough now to be confident we can offer a comprehensive instruction.

The dream of a self sufficient life is coming into view for us now, after nearly four years of pretty hard work, the orchard is almost fully planted and should start producing quality fruit in the coming couple of years, this summer we have already made over 100 jars of delicious organic jam, almost all sold now.

The key for me is not making a lot of money, more like reducing the need for consuming stuff that needs to be bought. Now that we do not need to go shopping for construction materials and tools any more, we should be able to cut our petrol consumption drastically and in a couple of years hopefully the sound of the grass cutter will be heard a lot less often. Our households costs are also quite low now.

We have made a conscious choice to stay away from short stay tourism and PDC teaching as much as possible, in the belief we can offer something a bit different and that there will be enough interest for our project to remain viable, the early indications are positive.


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9 thoughts on “New bungalow is ready

  1. Beautiful bungalow! I have to find out an “exit strategy” and dwell there for the rest of my life…..if you take me with you…

  2. Build your own place here, when you are ready….

  3. Well done M & N, love the use of materials and pared down chic style of the bathroom and bedroom.

  4. Marco & Nok ,Another quality building, looks great, ,the italian eye for design, well done.

  5. Congratulations Marco and family what a great job.

  6. Great job! I really appriciate the way that you make everything by your own hands! (By the way, It’s really hard to log in facebook in China… : ( …)

  7. Thank you, you are welcome to come and see us whenever you have a chance to venture up North…..

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