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Preparing for the winter growing season

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If the weather this year follows the usual pattern the rains are coming to an end this month. The winter months are the best time for growing non Thai vegetables, not too wet not too hot but still enough sun for stuff to ripen.

We took advantage of a break in the rainy weather to bring a tractor in and make raised beds our of some existing terraces that were used for growing rice. This is a one off job that does not need to be repeated and the intention is to use the beds with a no digging system. It should allow us to use the land more productively as we will be able to grow mountain rice or peanut during the rainy season without using any machinery, that’s the idea anyway.

The job took about six hours, a 3m wide track was cut which allows easy access to a central area which will be the compost making site for the veggie patch, so we can bring in stuff easily and recycle all the biomass produced in the garden right where it will be used again. It worked well and we were careful to keep the top soil where it should be, on top….

The day after the job was done it started raining again, the raised beds have been seeded with sunn hemp, to keep the weeds down until we are ready to plant and to have some instantly available mulching material on the spot.


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