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Grace on her stay at Mae Mut Garden

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We just received this lovely message from our last volunteer, Grace from the Philippines, who left us yesterday. We are grateful for all her chemistry work and for taking care of Serena so well, “The wheels on the bus…….

My first woofing is at Mae Mut garden and I must say, it has been an experience of a lifetime. After being tossed out of my motorbike and being admitted in the hospital for stitches, my ability to work was very limited. Momentarily handicapped, Marco and his family took me in and gave me the opportunity to contribute being considerate of my condition, interests and skills. His lovely wife, Nok, took care of me during more than 2 weeks of healing while I’m studying some natural farming techniques and baby sitting their beautiful daughter, Serena. During my stay I was able to learn different fermentation techniques in producing bio fertilizers, an alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in conventional farming that have been destroying the natural balance of our ecosystem. I realized how much we could do with as simple as household waste to recycle it back from its natural origin. We all know the simple equation where science works its way around, that input=output. In our era today, we are generating more output every year and Mother Nature is struggling hard to keep up with all our demands and waste. In Maemut garden, I also learned to cook thai food, a little bit of grafting and gardening, talked to a couple of villagers, made new friends and definitely had fun! Great people with superb hospitality, good food, scenic landscape, and a healthy environment, I am truly blessed on my first month in Chiang Mai. I will forever be grateful to Marco, Nok, Serena, Pi Hom, Aaron, Nong Nam, Ploy, Nick and Pam. Mae Mut garden is a place where you’d always want to come back and would be difficult to leave.



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