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A day in the rice field.

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end of the day

It’s that time of the year again. As we have not been able to eat even half of the rice grown last year, and that includes the dogs, the chickens and the ducks, this year we will only be using half of the rice field. Labour is also very hard to come by, we are in competition with the longan season, when workers can earn much more in a day than we can pay them, so today’s operatives are a very selected group, Suphan the garden manager and Tee Pow from Baan Huay Saay plus two white guys, Aaron and me.

The rice field was ploughed by a tractor about a month ago, we grew a green manure crop of sunn hemp, which was cut about a week ago, today was the hard day, repairing the terrace walls riddled with rat tunnels and cleaning the grass verges. It went better than I thought and tomorrow we only have another couple of hours’ work left, tonight my back is burning though…

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One thought on “A day in the rice field.

  1. sounds like the System of Rice Intensification was a great success for you…fantastic

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