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Patience pays off in the end, we have bees!!!


If I should point to one thing we have learned in our time here, the lesson would be that things happen how they will. We have seen that not forcing the issue and letting things develop without too much interference is the best way, small and slow, principle #9.

One example of this is what happened last week. We had been looking for a beekeeper to park some bees at our place for some time. Mostly we were told we were too close to the forest and that forest bees like to feast on honey bees and very often succeed, it seemed no one was interested, we left the idea with the thought of getting back to it when we had more time to research it.

Out of the blue, two guys turned up last week because some friends of theirs told them about us, and you guessed it, they are beekeepers. The bees duly arrived at night a few days later and, as a gift to seal our collaboration, the following morning they brought us six bottles of their longan honey, given that a bottle of good honey sells for upwards of 200B, it was a very generous gift.

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Other developments this last few weeks include another round of forest tree seedlings going in the ground almost anywhere we still had room for them, in total around 1500 were planted during May, the tree nursery was full to bursting a while ago and now almost empty. Unlike last year, we have been lucky with the weather, it has been raining on and off since the beginning of May, more than a month earlier than last year, so all the new babies are flourishing.

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We are (slowly) learning to be patient and the way we decide what to do and when is getting to feel more natural, nothing better than letting things we cannot control, like the weather, shape the timing of the work we do.


Author: marco

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4 thoughts on “Patience pays off in the end, we have bees!!!

  1. what a fresh breeze to read your posts marco, thank you so much!!! i cannot wait to get back to your place some day…

    • Hi Geoffroy, nice to hear from you. It’s been a long time, you and Nick were the first people we told about Nok being pregnant, the baby is now nearly two years old!!! Hope to see you here some time, you’ll be amazed, it’s turning into a really nice place.

  2. Great information Marco.  I’m inspired.  Bruce

  3. Woo hoo! Awesome news! We are actually getting a hive set up by a neighbour on our home property this week, and we’re very excited. Starting small, and will gradually build over the years!

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