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three years on, more before and after photos

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Apologies if these before & after shots are getting tedious. The truth is I take them to encourage myself, being here every day all the time it is difficult to see the changes over time, we spent three weeks away this April and coming back was very exciting, everything seemed bigger and, because it had rained a couple of times, everything was definitely greener.

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Unfortunately in the second shot the depth has been lost due to the trees, we keep cutting down stuff to let a bit of sun in, looks like we did a good job the first year and there’s lots of healthy trees, the pioneer trees are now up to five metres tall and the fruit trees around them are also doing well.

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The first two photos were part of a post last year, I went back to it as I was curious to see the difference, quite surprised by it, I did not think the growth in a year would be quite so visible. Every year some new trees begin flowering, this year some longan and lychee trees flowered, but they are too young for the fruits to set, whereas the rose apple trees totally exploded.

We have also grown in other ways, our compost making skills have improved beyond recognition, our timing and patience have also developed, and overall we waste a lot less time than before!!!


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One thought on “three years on, more before and after photos

  1. Always much enjoying hearing about your home, project and family. Love Virginia

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