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New bedroom


When we first came to live here we did not know that we were going to become full time citizens of Mae Mut, we did not know that baby Serena was going to come along either.

The design of the house reflected this and in hindsight was a bit small and not baby friendly. This year we decided to bite the bullet, build one more room on the east side, shielded from the afternoon sun, where Serena can play with her mates unsupervised, it is also our new bedroom.

Previous experience taught us that starting early in winter means less surprises with the unpredictable summer weather and less work during the really hot months. It has all gone according to plan, the room was finished before the New Year break and we are moving in today after the last few details were taken care in the few days since our return from our tree shopping trip south.

The work was completed in about four months, the total cost around 3500USD including foundation, roof, windows and doors.

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Author: marco

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4 thoughts on “New bedroom

  1. Beautiful! Good job my dear. Hugs, Mirko

  2. Dear marco,

    As always so enjoy your postings and especially the photos. The new room looks cool and stylish!! Vj

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Che bello potersi modificare con leggerezza! In Italia avresti avuto bisogno di 1.000 permessi e controlli per abitabilità ecc. Viva la Thailandia!

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