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Permaculture Teacher Training with John Champagne

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John Champagne is one of Australia’s foremost Permaculture trainers, he was my PDC teacher at Panya Project in 2011 and we have been friends since then. We are excited to welcome John and Sharon to Maemutgarden for a 5 day teacher training course at the end of June this year.

The course is targeted at students who have completed a Permaculture Design Certificate Course and are ready to make the next step – teaching Permaculture. Whether it is teaching on PDC’s, short courses or other forms of Permaculture teaching this is the course for you.

maemut gardens course flyer-page-001

John and Sharon Champagne bring unique and targeted areas of expertise to this course. John has 22 years of Permaculture teaching throughout Australia and South East Asia. Sharon is a PDC graduate and a trained educator.

This 5-day course covers essential and practical aspects of permaculture teaching. Students who have previously completed the course have moved on to apply their knowledge to PDC teaching, community permaculture education, permaculture school garden teaching and many other forms of knowledge transfer. We will be looking at the whole process of running a course – from finding a venue & course publicity to evaluation & follow up.

The course is suitable for all abilities: both apprentice & experienced teachers & also for those who have just completed their Permaculture Design course (PDC). During the course we will be focusing on the tools & techniques for teaching & facilitating permaculture learning & the practicalities of convening & running courses. We will revisiting the topics on a PDC but  it is recommended that if your permaculture knowledge is a bit rusty that you do some preparatory background reading before the course.

The course will be lively and interactive on all levels using plenty of diversity in teaching styles. We intend to use the course as a working example of how much can be achieved in a 5 day course using a variety of learning techniques.

We aim to empower people to realise their own skills as facilitators and will be using methods for building confidence of the participants throughout. This will culminate in participants giving a micro -teach to put into practice what they have learnt. Our aim is to support participants on their teaching career beyond this course.

Maemut Garden is a three year old permaculture project, that integrates rice growing, veggie production and food forest in a 10 acre site in the foothills of Doi Inthanon, it is also an occasional homestay and WWOOF host.




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