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Rice Offering at Wat Mae Mut


Making merit by offerings is an important part of the Buddhist faith, generosity is the first of the ten qualities of the heart (paramis) to be developed in one’s Dhamma practice.

This morning in Mae Mut was one such occasion, once a year the people meet at the temple for an offering of rice, this is not connected to a specific date or festivity in the Buddhist calendar, but is a tradition associated more with rural communities, where it is performed some time during the rice growing season, people give rice until the monks’ bowls overflow, in the hope their generosity will be rewarded with of a bumper harvest. Monks from other local temples were in attendance too.

For us it was also an occasion to talk with people we have not seen for a while, as anyone who has been to one of these events will know, they never start on time and there’s a lot of waiting, so plenty of time for chatting. Many people come to see baby Serena, Thai people love children and for some reason mixed race babies like her are particularly popular, must be the white skin….


Author: marco

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2 thoughts on “Rice Offering at Wat Mae Mut

  1. Am at daddy’s again for 2 weeks .. He loved the pic of Serena xxx

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