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Birds’ nests

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I don’t know the first thing about birds, but it looks like I should begin to take an interest. During the first year the only birds I used to see were some naughty ones, casing our pond for fish and in the distance the odd flock going from one rice field to the next looking for food. Last summer we began to see the odd nest, few and far between, I took it to be a good sign, the trees were growing and more birds would hopefully come and help the frogs and lizards keep the bugs’ population down.

This year all of a sudden we are finding nests everywhere, most belong to quite small birds, they do not seem to be very fussy, any tree will do, even a banana. There’s lots of cut grass and small twigs everywhere, so nests can go up pretty quickly, not a lot of work required I imagine. The birds’ appearance also confirms that we are doing something right, as we do not spray for bugs there is lots of delicious live bird food around and the whole system is hopefully moving towards some form of natural equilibrium.

Fireflies have also grown in numbers this year, especially during the warm nights of the dry season, no photos available, you’ll have to take my word for it….


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One thought on “Birds’ nests

  1. I like waking up to the birds in the morning. The windows are kept open (with screens) in the bedroom at night just for that purpose. It is a nice part of living in Thailand that the mornings are full of very loud birds with different tunes. I have found that the birds as they grow up return the following year to the same place as long as they were welcomed, so it seems like the population grows over time. I maybe a little crazy about this, but I think some of our regulars recognize me when I am walking around the yard and neighborhood. Maybe it is because I often throw out on the ground a lot of good seeds for their breakfast.

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