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Practical Permaculture – The Art Of Planting A Fruit Tree

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Every so often the internet throws up something good, Chris Condello is more than good, he’s one of the best out there in my personal view. Permaculture, art, poetry, a very eclectic blog, always well written, always interesting. He does not need me to recommend him, but I do anyway.


 I have touched on the subject of planting fruit trees before…

That is the article if you are interested in reading it. This post is meant to be a detailed description of all of the steps involved on the actual day that your tree will be put in the ground. Given the popularity of my last couple of tree related posts, I figured a new post about trees would be a suiting 20,000 views celebration.

So when is the right time to plant a tree? I typically answer with 10 years ago… But the second best time is right now… That statement is surprisingly accurate… Though there are “best”, or recommended times to plant trees, it is always best to put a tree in the ground instead of letting it sit in the pot. I am a realist, I recognize that not everyone is able to purchase, yet alone…

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One thought on “Practical Permaculture – The Art Of Planting A Fruit Tree

  1. Marco,  Thanks for that.  Very useful for me as I have been “making up” how to plant my trees and have had limited success.



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