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A very lazy post about flowers.


Everyone loves flowers, you have to be pretty nasty not to like flowers. When people talk of rejecting chemical agriculture it is generally with food in mind, in the hills around us there are many gardens growing flowers for the Chiang Mai market and, from what the growers say, a lot of stuff goes in to make the blooms beautiful. Here’s some (pesticide free) flowers in our garden today.

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Author: marco

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6 thoughts on “A very lazy post about flowers.

  1. I am not pretty nasty, I love flowers. “Strelizia” è corretto (in English: Strelitzia or Bird of Paradise), viene anche chiamata “Uccello del paradiso” per i suoi bellissimi colori.
    Che fortunati siete ad essere circondati da una natura così ricca e lussureggiante. Abbracci, Mirko

  2. After a busy morning that is just my kind of lazy post…. Thanks ! They are gorgeous !

  3. Beautiful photos Marco!

  4. The dutch flower girl is impressed with these exotic ones!!

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