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Traditional homemade thai dessert

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Young Thais have discovered a taste for sugar in many forms, ice cream, cakes, pastries, soft drinks, this is a fairly new development, older people never used to eat anything too sugary and traditional Asian desserts tend to be only mildly sweet.

Below is a slideshow of Nok’s mother’s khao tom mat, meaning boiled rice in a parcel, I am happy to say all the ingredients come from our garden.The sticky rice, sundried banana and peanuts are wrapped in parcels with banana leaf, five small parcels are then wrapped again together and tied with bamboo strips and boiled in a pot until the rice is really sticky and soft. It takes a bit of experience to make sure the parcels are watertight as they need to be cooked in boiling water for over an hour.

The sundried bananas are quite tasty and as the parcels boil they infuse the flavour to the rice, all in all a pretty “sustainable” bit of food and delicious with it, don’t have to eat the banana leaf….

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One thought on “Traditional homemade thai dessert

  1. Looks delicious. Having muesli for my breakfast and this would be a great accompaniment. Am afraid that this new taste bud may mean dental bills. How are the local dental facilities. Vj

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