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two years on, photo update


A few photos to show what we have been doing in the last two years. We started working in February and moved into our house in November 2011, we have been planting trees since the beginning, mainly fruit trees but also leguminous nitrogen fixing pioneer trees, as well as flowering trees and some teak and other trees useful for construction in the future. We are now starting to fill the spaces between the trees.

In the food forest we have planted mangoes, longkong, longan, banana, cashewnut, pomegranate, macadamia, guava, sugarcane, starfruit, mulberry, papaya, dragon fruit, neem, tamarind, jackfruit, coconut, pomelo, lime, rose apple, custard apple, cherimoya, marian plum, sapodilla, hog plum, santol, moringa, jujube, rambutan, lychee, breadfruit, passion fruit, pineapple, avocado, fig and probably other things that escape me now.

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Here the first photo was taken just before we started the work, around February 2011, in the second  the green roof of the house can be seen in the centre of the picture, if one looks hard.  When we planted them, most of the trees were no more than 60/70cm high, they took a few months to get established and then they started growing well. We are lucky that we are in a very green area, surrounded by forest and water is plentiful, even the hot season is not usually so hot and dry here.

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In this next set the first photo was taken at the end of December 2011, we had just moved in and the trees  had been in about nine months. On the right hand side you can see a small avocado tree, which in the second picture is in the centre, the tree with the dark green foliage, it is now over three metres tall.

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Another shot taken from roughly the same spot, but looking north towards the entrance, the neighbour’s house has disappeared from view and on the left you can see a bit of the new guest room.

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This is taken from the top by the entrance to our place, I have been trying to get some photos of the food forest, but it’s very difficult as everything is green pretty much, so I have settled for these before and after shots to give an idea of how stuff grows. In the middle of the picture you can still catch a glimpse of the roof of our house.

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The guest room has been going quite slow, we started about this time last year and got as far as finishing the roof before the rainy season kicked in, but since then we have neglected it a bit, this winter we got some more work done and now we are only about a week away from completion, just waiting for the right guy to be free to come and finish the job.


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5 thoughts on “two years on, photo update

  1. Bravi, guardate di finire la guest room che si vuol venir. Baci a tutti

  2. Bravo Marco! Great job! Un caro saluto alla tua famiglia da tutti noi, baci, Mirko

  3. Marco and Nok, Really great shoank you,wing of permaculture transformation from implementation to production. Realy inspiring. Th

  4. That was supposed to say “Really great showing of permaculture transformation from implementation to production. Really inspiring. Thank you”.

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