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this is an informative and well written post about trees, read on.


Trees are, for the earth, the ultimate translators and moderators of incoming energies. – Bill Mollison

As far as a forest is concerned trees are the backbone, they are the definition of the word “forest”. They are the physical workhorse, doing most of the heavy lifting. Trees are a part of our daily lives, we could not exist without them. If you ever really wanted to conquer a people, all you would have to do is eliminate all of their trees.

There is a direct correlation between the size of a tree and the size of the root system, the roots of a tree will grow large enough to support the tree with a full load of leaves on it. If you were to remove all of the leaves from a tree, the roots would temporarily stop absorbing water. Leguminous trees on the other hand, will proportionately abort  roots when the…

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  1. Hi Marco

    How is everything with you, Nok and Serena? We are fine! Jo had a hernia operation last Friday but is recovering well and us now almost back to normal! He did a lot of horizontal positions in front of te telly! We are all getting ready for the big xmas course. I have been helping a lot this week with cleaning and making beds and this afternoon will help Rita with making xmas cookies! Weather is absolutely horrible and luckily Friday will be the shortest day!! 🙂

    Hope you are all well!!

    Best wishes


    COOS AGENCIES t. 07855 360384 splatts farm, heddington, SN11 0PE, UK

    Kidscase / Froy&Dind / Question Everything / at Bubble London January 27-28. Froy&Dind stand no 6H48 Spring Fair NEC Birmingham February 3-7.

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