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Money as Debt, maybe the most important issue at this time.


My friends are tired of hearing me going on about this, but no analysis of our current economic system is possible without an understanding of how money is created. Please, please take the time to watch this, and make your own mind up.

Any search for answers to our current predicament, both economic and environmental, has to start from here, as nothing less than a complete overhaul of the current monetary system will be enough to provide a permanent and stable solution. As it is made clear in the video, the current system contains the seeds of its own destruction, it is therefore important to understand how this affects us all at a personal level and how we can protect ourselves and our family and friends.

At an environmental level, it is the constant search for money to service interest repayments that leads inevitably to an unsustainable use of non renewable resources, this is highlighted in the video, showing that whenever a loan is taken out, and therefore when money is created, only the principal is created and not the interest associated with the repayment of that loan. Understanding this point is of the utmost importance.

Almost everyone uses money many times a day, we spend, we save, we borrow, we invest, in many different ways, so it is absolutely remarkable that we should know so little about something that affects our lives so deeply. Something so fundamental  is not part of the mainstream political discourse and we are not offered any options other than the existing system, this is very suspicious. It confirms a deeply held view that the political establishment, of whatever colour, is not on the public’s side and that we must be prepared to defend against further attacks to our personal and economic freedom.

We have the power to help bring about a much more equitable system, being aware of how the system works can enable us to make more informed choices, this is very important as it is our apathy and ignorance  that allow the banking system to continue to enslave us through debt.


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2 thoughts on “Money as Debt, maybe the most important issue at this time.

  1. I am now about a fifth of the way into Ron Paul’s End the Fed, and it’s an eye opener. thanks Marco!

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