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Aspects of village life

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Not that I know for sure, but I suspect that thai people can bear a grudge as good as anyone and that every village has its fair share of disputes, nevertheless my experience is that a sense of community and co-operation prevail in most village activities. This gives a small village like ours a level of resilience that has been probably lost in the West.

Labour is mostly communal at planting and harvesting times, with various family groups working together on all their fields, many hands make light work, as it were. One day last week was another example, where about sixty people came together to rebuild a house which had been flattened by a storm in May.

It was a happy occasion with lots of food and lots of laughter, interspersed with some work. With so many people nobody has to work too hard, and it was interesting to see how it was all done without one person being obviously in charge, they have all done this work together so many times that no big discussion needs to take place and everyone is aware of what is going on and how they can be of use.

As is customary, the village elders took care of appeasing the local spirits. I went for a few hours to have a look and took these pictures, I had to leave at three, but by the end of the day the roof structure was also completed.

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