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Essential Reading pt 2

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Murray Rothbard’s “What has the government done to our money? is a relatively simple explanation of the way money is created and circulated in our economic system.

The book requires a little bit of effort, but it is essential reading for anyone trying to understand where things are heading. I don’t necessarily agree with all that the Austrian economists say and some of their conclusions could be viewed as pretty reactionary, but it is difficult to fault their basic analysis of the present economic system.

Whoever controls the money creation process has enormous power, it is important to know that the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, despite being ostensibly under government control are actually private banks, and details of their shareholders are a closely guarded secret.

You can download the book here.


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One thought on “Essential Reading pt 2

  1. Caro Marco se sei interessato leggi anche la “Modern money Theory ” del proff. americano Randall Wrays e l’articolo di Paolo Barnard “il più grande crimine che ti spiega bene tutto sull’euro e sulla situazione mondiale. Ti saluto Sandra

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