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Essential Reading pt 1

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There are mountains of information on the web, no one has the time to look through everything, but some stuff is definitely worth reading and here I want to point to information that I think is particularly important of helpful.

First up is Irwin Schiff’s book, How an economy grows and why it doesn’t. It is self evident that there can be no real freedom without economic freedom, that is to say our lives have been made infinitely more complex than is necessary because of the way our economic system has evolved (or has been designed, if you are in a more conspiratorial frame of mind).

The current financial system is at the heart of the problem, so it is important to understand the role of money, how it is created and why a few people are getting richer while everyone else has to work until they drop.

You can download Irwin Schiff’s book here . It is in the form of a cartoon strip, but the information contained in it is of the utmost importance and extremely relevant to our current predicament. Please make some time to have a look.


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