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Muscovi ducks

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As instructed by our perma-guru John Champagne, a few months ago we procured a pair of muscovi ducks, sort of halfway between a duck and a goose. They took to our place very happily, as before they had been confined to a cage and now they had a lot more freedom and a big pond just for them.

At some point they seemed to decide it was time to make babies, and the pond saw a lot of baby making action. Some time later mama duck started making her nest and laying eggs, in total seventeen by the time she was finished.

She was very diligent in looking after her nest, allowing herself  only a quick swim every few days. This week the ducklings finally began to emerge, they seem healthy and happy, a lot of grass eating potential there and hopefully a few more eggs, which we intend to eat from now on.

All this is very exciting for novices like us, especially seeing how natural the whole thing is, the ducks seem to be creatures of habit, they accepted their new surroundings very quickly and settled into a routine after only a few days, in the evenings they return to their house always at the same time, we only have to go and close the door at dusk.

latest addition to maemut garden


Author: marco

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One thought on “Muscovi ducks

  1. che belle paperette!!! andrea spera che ne nascano altre quando saremo lì!!! da grande vuole fare l’etologa e partirà armata di taccuino per studiare tutta la fauna che incontrerà!!
    Io mi emoziono quando riesco a far fiorire il mio terrazzo! immagino che vedere nascere, crescere, fiorire e maturare in dimensioni più ampie ti riempie l’anima di emozioni ed entusiasmo!!
    John Champagne istintivamente mi piace…….sarà per il cognome???!!!

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