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Escaping to the country

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Our economic model is predicated on ever growing consumption fueled by cheap energy, many people think this is not sustainable in the long run. In developed countries, while a few fortunate and/or talented people manage to find a way to live a pleasant life, for the majority life is not getting better.

The potential for serious disruption to the present system is very real, political and generational tensions, food and energy prices, inequality of income, to name just a few, are growing and make for a combustible recipe. In the developed world, it is evident that whatever growth there has been in the past ten years has been based on little more than growing debt, what cannot go on forever will stop.

Here is a link to THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO YOU WILL EVER SEE. A simple arithmetic goes a long way to explain which way we are heading.

It is also obvious that our economic system is not designed with the well being of the majority in mind and that any alternative can only come from the bottom up, not participating means refusing to support the current system in favour of creating local level solutions. The unstoppable rise in energy prices will eventually make industrial farming methods uneconomic, people are beginning to sense this, all possible alternatives will require us to reduce our energy consumption quite drastically.

Money is useful no doubt, but less so if the supermarket shelves are empty, when I saw the opportunity to grow my own food, it seemed the obvious thing to do, we hope to be self sustaining in two to three years.

peanuts and bananas at maemut

The garden is the office, the supermarket, the power station and many things besides. Hopefully a place to share with friends and like minded people. I like to think that we can bring different skills to our village and create something that benefits the local community, there is already interest in what we are doing and we have barely started.


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