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What we are trying to do.

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the first day

Maemut garden is a very small baby, less than one year old. My wife Nok and I have moved from Chiang Mai to live in a mountain village, plant trees, grow food and integrate with the local community as much as possible. It’s very much my idea, but Nok is happy to go along with it, in fact she is the one with some farming experience, while I am a total novice.

So far so good, we have planted some trees and are growing some food, but there is lots to learn and lots to do. The aim is to create a permaculture inspired garden and food forest in a tropical climate, improve the soil and ultimately reap the rewards in the form of lots of food with not a lot of work.

We have received a lot of help and advice from many people, nothing that we want to do is particularly new or radical, there are many different names for what is essentially one idea, to live a healthy, happy and debt free life and make sure that we leave behind a better place than we found.


Author: marco

growing food and making do with less

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