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rice harvest 2011


We harvested our first ever rice crop on Nov 15, it dried for five days in the field and was threshed and put away on Nov 21.

Everyone said we got a decent result, we only used a green manure crop before planting and homemade compost halfway through the growing season. The variety we planted, GH6 Chiang Rai, gets pretty tall, about two metres I would say, very lucky we did not get any strong winds before the harvest.

So the first ever experience of growing food went well, in the evening, looking at the sacks of rice, I felt more connected to the land, I take care of her and she will take care of me. 

This is our food for the coming year (unless the mice eat it, that is), our first step towards renouncing our dependence to the system.


Author: marco

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5 thoughts on “rice harvest 2011

  1. Great pic that captures what you are trying to achieve. How many acres are you farming and what techniques are you using? And when do you have a rice crop that you can eat? Sorry to ask so many questions but you are the first person I know that’s trying to live off the land without compromising quality.

    • Mike, thanks for the support. We are trying to learn as we go along, talking to people, looking things up on the internet and doing what seems right. I read somewhere that you should feed the land and not the crop, and to me it makes sense, so slowly we want to improve the soil by not overusing it, rotating crops, planting green manure and applying compost at times.

      We harvested approximately 700kg of rice, from half an acre or so, we have started eating it and it tastes good.

  2. Dear Farmer Tosi,

    Great to hear you’ve harvested your first rice crop. While I can’t fault your choice of variety I must say that I still think GH5 Chiang Rai has a lot going for it. It’s slightly harder to grow than GH6, but to my mind produces is a bigger grain and a fluffier end result.

    What’s Thai for ‘Oy get off my land’.

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